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Parts of a Whole

May 17, 2010
By VampiericRain GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
VampiericRain GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
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Would you like a side of epic with that fail?

Two halves.
Completely different
Yet exactly the same
Both wanting what
The other has.

You. . .
You’re supposed to stay hidden
Hiding is your job
Failing at your job
Would make people
And call you a
Don’t fail at your job
Your job is hiding
You need to stay hidden
You want a different life
You want his life
To see and be seen
You are a monster,
Begging for light.

And you…
You need to be seen
To be seen is your job.
If people see you
They would stare
And call you an
You must not fail.
You have to be seen.
But, you want a different life.
You want her life.
To hide,
In the swallowing darkness
But you cannot
You are an angel
Of darkness
Two halves
Completely different
Yet exactly the same.
Both wanting what
The other has.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for school just because and I thought people would like it. :)

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