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the end

May 15, 2010
bullet.with.butterfly.wings PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
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you wear guilt like shakles on your feet, like a maiden in distres, like a halo in reverse

Hot summer evening
The smell of cut grass floating
Not a single thought in mind
The music from last night
Still ringing
Like a lullaby
If only you could have been there
What happened to being there
Through it all
What happened to sticking together
If only you could understand
Out of all the body’s crushed together
Out of the little clean air left
You’re the only thing I notice out of place
Without you the room is empty
I won’t forget what you said
I doubt you will either
Than again
I don’t remember how you would respond
Maybe you won’t either
I forgot your smile
I’ve forgotten us
Like that old lullaby
The summer evening
Is bound to end
Too soon

The author's comments:
some friendships just end too soon </3

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