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Stars on Earth

May 6, 2010
By TQxartsnhearts BRONZE, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
TQxartsnhearts BRONZE, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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There once existed on uninhabited land
A vast field of golden flowers
Long ago it was a sea of dirt and sand
Until it was brought to life by cool spring showers

These flowers were actually a kind of unappreciated weed
That had invaded and spread across the field
But who knew that so much beauty was stored in a small floating seed
For it was by one seed that millions of flowers were able to yield

They bloomed to create countless galaxies on a universe of fresh green grass
And their tiny sunbathed petals would twinkle and glow
The landscape was tranquil and quiet as a butterfly or two would pass
And an occasional cloud would drift by with its low gray shadow

Sometimes a breeze would cause the old white puffs to burst
And they formed showers of comets across the cool emerald sky
Some landed to flourish first
While others, like angels, continued to twirl and fly

At night these flowers did not sleep as others normally do
Being as fully bloomed and golden as they were at noon
They displayed their cheery color and boasted that they had a special glow too
Sometimes almost outshining the moon

They say that the prettiest time is that of night
When stars that were hidden could be seen from far away
But with galaxies of flowers that glimmered and were just as bright
One could say that night existed on Earth during the day

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