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I Missed Your Baby Blue Eyes

April 26, 2010
By LostAngel DIAMOND, Jersey, New Jersey
LostAngel DIAMOND, Jersey, New Jersey
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When we were together
We would hug and kiss
And when I was with my girls
It would be you that I’d miss

Loving you was so easy
Like it always had been from the start
When we hugged it seemed
To be hard just to part

You would pull me in
Be all loving and kind
I guess it is true
That love is blind

I’ll love you forever
You’d say with a smirk
I would look right past it
And not realize it, you jerk

I played your game
Not realizing it at all
You would play along too
Just waiting for me to stumble and fall

As soon as I broke
One rule of your precious game
You dropped my heart
And caused me pain

I was no longer needed
As a pawn for you to use
So now I was just a girl
Who amused

You didn’t love me anymore
I don’t think you ever did
Your real hatred for me
You did nothing but hid

We would see each other
In the hall
You would pass me by
Like I meant nothing at all

When I brought up the fact
That it seemed you couldn’t care less
You would fake a smile,
You wouldn’t dare confess

You would fake concern
I would look in your eyes
Not realizing that you
Were just telling me lies

I was willing not to forget
But at least to forgive
After all
You only have one life to live

So in order to rid my life
Of all the hate
I pretended to be your friend
Hoping you would take the bait

Then out of the blue
You said you loved me again
I thanked God for answering my prayer
And ended with an “Amen”

I hand you my heart
Or what’s left of it you see
The last time you left me you broke it
Then did nothing but flee

I won’t hold that against you
It’s all part of my plan
I needed someone to join this game
And you’re the man

Here we go again
With that devilish grin
You know how to play the game
You know how to win

The tables will turn
This time around you’ll see
In the game of love
The winner will be me

The author's comments:
So, one of my guy friends inspired this. . . You know who you are DYLAN! But I would like to dedicate it to the guy who first read it. . . You know who you are NICK! Love you both!

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