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God's Tears

April 22, 2010
By MyKaleidoscopeWorld GOLD, Haymarket, Virginia
MyKaleidoscopeWorld GOLD, Haymarket, Virginia
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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
Life is about giving it your all even when you have nothing.

God’s tears pat down softly.
His sadness spreads throughout the world.
His children are dying;
Disease, famine, and war their demise.
For every drop of blood spilt;
For every life taken by another brother or sister,
Another drop falls.
He sees His children weep for the lives lost.
They cannot touch, hold them, see them.
They are in the Father’s embrace.
He made death, but that does not mean he doesn’t feel.
God feels pain, unforgiveness, and anger.
He created life that feels both sides of the coin.
The rain falls harder as God reveries.
His tears create new, young, and vibrant life.
They cry His name with joy.
They grow, love, and learn.
These children are innocents.
The rain fall slows until it is nothing more.
God’s rays shine through the clouds,
The home of His fallen.
Though there is evil,
Light will always find a way to comfort those in the dark.
God cries no more today
Because He sees love in the hearts of the young.

The author's comments:
Inspiration from a rainy day and someone telling me "When it rains it means God is crying for all the sad things in life."

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