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April 7, 2010
By Annabell SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
Annabell SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
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At the spur of the moment
It comes to my head
Poetry is not just about
I don't have the talent to paint
You a word picture of what poetry
Should be but I can tell you it's not just
There is more to write about
Something else can be created
Because it’s not just about
There is beauty in the world
If you are looking for it
So open your eyes and see more that just the

The author's comments:
I read a lot of comments in Teen Ink where people don't like reading all the depressing poetry. I thought I would put my input out there in case anyone was looking. I agree with those who don't want to read poetry that gets you down. On the other hand, I think the people that create these poems should have a chance to write what they really feel.

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