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Talking Daddy's Ear Off

March 20, 2010
By Delia SILVER, Erie, Kansas
Delia SILVER, Erie, Kansas
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Don't be too serious about life. No one gets out alive.

His smooth but tough fingers,
Glide over the slightly rusted guitar stings,
That really needs to be changed,
But he still uses them as if they were new,
That’s why I love my daddy,

Sometimes he’s an idiot,
He knows that,
Tries to deny that he is lost,
I’m glad I have the map,
That’s why I love my daddy,

He has a thick head,
We all know this,
Sometimes it seems as he’s Pinocchio,
Made out of walnut wood,
But that’s why I love my daddy,

He doesn’t care about your age,
If your stupid your stupid,
Nothing is going to change that,
That’s why I love my daddy,

His philosophy,
Well lets just say is a bit off,
But we know that,
‘Cause he tells the truth,
Could be as blunt as could be,
That’s why I love my daddy,

I know he has probably fallen asleep by now,
Like how he does when we watch movies,
Except if we watch “The Blues Brothers”,
Or the evening news,
And this is why I love my daddy.

The author's comments:
I usually don't do much for Father's Day. This is to make it up.

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