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Man On The Moon

March 17, 2010
By Keasbey GOLD, La Habra Heights, California
Keasbey GOLD, La Habra Heights, California
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Favorite Quote:
"I will no longer pray on my knees, to a god who's left me so many times. I will no longer pray on my knees, to a god who won't answer my call."

The bright sky,
turns to black.
A big bright figure,
floats out in the distance.
Little babies, reach out
to touch it.
The concept of space
and time
has not yet reached their mind.

Somewhere in the land,
a little boy is
sitting in his back yard,
staring at the moon.
He see's a man,
standing on top.
Waving his hand,
tiping his hat.
The boy giggles andlaughs.
His mother asks him
whats so funny.
He just smiles
and shakes his head,
he know she'd never
She shrugs and walks away.

The starts
start to shine brightly,
covering the shaddows on
the moon.
He see's the man
more clearly now,
and he see's
the smile on his face.

Day after day,
he goes out into his yard,
and stares at the man on the moon.
He grows old
and sits on his porch with his
telling them the story
of a time when he was young,
and how he would sit
and stare
at the man on the moon.
They always ask,
"is there really a man,
way up in space grandpa?"
He smiles,
nods his head and points.
Their mouths drop in awe,
as they see his figure walking across.

And here i stand,
looking down on them,
I wave,
and tip my hat,
and i stand
forever more,
on the top of the moon.

The author's comments:
I wrote a poem about a year ago, called Man On The Moon. It was about a boy, who always figured there was a man on the moon, but no one ever believed him. I recently re-read this poem, and figured i could re-write it and make it better, so this is my my opinion, it is much better.

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