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I miss

February 21, 2010
By savina GOLD, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
savina GOLD, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
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Hallow kisses
Roughly hurt in reality
Lifeless laughter
Spills from my lips
I miss that man
When his smile brought life
Into his eyes
And you could see
The innocence,
The boy in him
But those features turned
Into dust
I miss him grabbing me
Into his protective arms
And cradling my
Like a child
I miss him
How he was never afraid
To tell me how much
He loved me
I miss how he could look at me
And simply say
I’m beautiful
Even if it certainly
Was not true

I’m going to live now
That’s what he would want
But when I die
I will be with him
Once again
In heaven, we will live
Our lives

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