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February 21, 2010
By SimplyA GOLD, Marshalltown, Iowa
SimplyA GOLD, Marshalltown, Iowa
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What has happened, World?
People are homeless and hungry.
Millions jobless; hopeless.
Sick, and injured.

How can’t you see, World?
That war is not the solution.
Guns are not toys, they are dangers,
Like their siblings, bombs and poison.

Why can’t you hear the voices, World?
Of your people crying for you,
Holding you in their hands,
Trying to improve a globe that simply won’t.

Where is the love, World?
Verbally and physically, there is none.
Awful names are passed around casually,
Deteriorating any human’s sense of being.

What has happened, World?
A place once filled with hope, peace
Compassion and sympathy
Has little of either one anymore.

How can we change, World?

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