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Through the Looking Glass

February 19, 2010
By pampalooga PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
pampalooga PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
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Through the looking glass
lie my most prized fantasies.
They taunt me from the other side,
blossoming without me.

Through the looking glass
I see the future I desire.
Things I will never acquire,
haunting me forever.

Through the looking glass,
I see myself, yet not me.
I am whole, not scarred,
untouched by the world.

Through the looking glass,
I am surrounded by love.
Not once am I lonely,
not once do I cry.

Through the looking glass,
I catch a glimpse of myself.
My values, life, dreams
all morphed into paradise.

Through the looking glass,
I see what will never be.
Every time I gaze through,
it's harder to look away.

Through the looking glass,
I walk in my best dreams.
Yet in reality,
I live by my nightmares.

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