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It's all about you

February 19, 2010
By BrittanyHale SILVER, Orlando, Florida
BrittanyHale SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Im not invisible
Im still right here
But still no one ever comes near
Im human,I have skin
Im a person like you
Still you see me in no view
It’s not fair I’m still here
I won’t go anywhere
Still,I fear I’ll someday dissappear
And no one will care.
I walk,I talk I’m a solid form.
When I die no one’ll be there to mourn
How can you ignore me like this
While you sit and reminisce
I stand and beg for food
Wondering of my next meal
When you have no idea how I feel
Or what I’m going through
It’s all about you
But you don’t care,
And the worlds unfair
It’s the way life is
All full of kids
Throwing tantrums ,they cry
Teens hold hands and walk by.
Then theres all the texting and all the lies
The sexting and then they whys.
Ha.You don’t even realize what you’ve done
All the rumors have now begun.
Because of your stupidity
The parents then get lividity.
So angry with fury
Their sight becomes blurry
But hey I can’t change your view
Cause once again…

It’s all about you.

The author's comments:
I was on the school bus going home when I saw a man on the side of the road holding up a cardboard asking for money or food.And everyday that whole week he was there and nobody payed any attention to him.People were gossiping or texting and I started writing about it.I thought just because homeless people like him don't have the things we have,they still know whats going on.

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