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February 12, 2010
By Createv BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Createv BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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They come and they go
They rise and they fall
Sometimes excitement can bring happiness
Most times being misguided will bring sadness
Emotions may run through our bodies
And can bring madness

Our inner self is what we need to check
Our bitter selves need not to inflict
On one another
That can create chaos and confusion
Transforming into an illusion
As we struggle to obtain
A solid, resolution

You may realize that our emotions
Have a way to flow
And that in order to know
Where to go,
We must understand,
And have a plan about how to stand
And not take a seat
Or even begin to weep

A bad note
May keep your sail afloat
But not for very long…
Don’t see it as a demand
But more as advice, to coach
To show you how to approach
A situation
When there’s a confrontation
Because there is
A lack of communication

Why don’t we resolve the issue?
Instead of ALWAYS…
Taking out a tissue
Realize that our emotions
Can sometimes cause commotions,
But know that they are never a sign
Or just a one time
That seems to blind
Our complex minds

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