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stream of confession

February 16, 2010
By tara* BRONZE, Westcliffe, Colorado
tara* BRONZE, Westcliffe, Colorado
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what do you want
from me
from this
from us.
do I make you happy
or does the idea
of me
make you happy.
you hide behind yourself
your humor
your super-duperness
and yet you are not laughing.
maybe i am wrong
on account of i
have no idea what is
going on in your head
i feel connected
to you and yet
we have never had a serious
Conversation. i know
your favorite color
i know you like eminem
but i don’t know
what you want to be
when you grow old
are you scared
to grow old
or just how old
do you want to be
when you die
because if you asked me the same question
which you wouldn’t
i couldn’t give you an answer.
but that’s not
what hurts
what hurts
is that you wouldn’t

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I agree said...
on Feb. 23 2010 at 3:19 pm
Yes, yes, love the ending--and this is a perfect example of how difficult--if not impossible--it is to create any real connection out of a love-at-first-sight attraction. Love HAS to start with a day-by-day friendship that builds itself out of shared experiences and character-- if you try to skip that step and rush into some exciting and magical instant connection, it's made out of thin air not character, and chances are you only end up faced by what you started with: your own need for connection. I love the way this poem realizes that by the end...