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The Angel and the Demon

February 11, 2010
By Crying_Tears SILVER, SL,UT, Utah
Crying_Tears SILVER, SL,UT, Utah
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He can’t accept the way he is.
Surrounded by hate and darkness; it is all he knows.
Why does it have to be like this?
To be like this,
A demon.
To live like this,
An abomination.
Sickened with himself, he scream,
“What have I become?”
Having to live with this curse, it hurts him so.
Realizing he must protect everyone from himself.
So he pushes away that which cares the most, those he loves.
He will not allow anyone to be close to him.
He refuses to become vulnerable.
But by “protecting” that which he loves,
He hurts.
So alert, and yet so unaware of what he has done.
But he does not notice, he just craves for more power, for more strength.
Though, the more he gains, the more blind and foolish he becomes.
So he does not see,
He does not feel,
He does not accept
That the only person who needs protection
Is himself.
To prideful to ask for help from his guardian angel;
But she tries to help him nontheless, to no prevail.
Watching him for so long, her spirit is breaking.
He says it would be better if she just stays away.
“No one can help me now.”
He claims.
She thinks differently; but says nothing as he walks away.
He does turn back, so alas, he does not see her tears.
Spreading her wings, she flees from the feeling.
The feeling of her heart breaking.
Flying so close to the sun.
She does not care.
She cries.
It echoes everywhere, anywhere, and he hears.
He looks up and screams for her to stop.
She doesn’t hear.
Being so close to the sun.
Her wings, little by little,
Melt off.
Sending her down, closer to him.
He catches her and wraps his arms around her.
She smiles (oh so slighty) having him hold her for the first time.
He tries to be strong, he just wants to protect her.
“I’m sorry.”
They both whisper.
And then she is gone.
Pain he’s never known rakes through his soul.
Now that she is gone, he promises to try.
To try to see.
To try to feel.
To try to accept.
For her.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when the first guy i Loved started going through some inner turmoil problems.

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