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Overdose On Love

February 15, 2010
By Olajide BRONZE, Lanham, Maryland
Olajide BRONZE, Lanham, Maryland
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It is nothing but an overdose on love
Like a melody that stroke out my pain
It is never as if I ask for less
like a thriller I cannot describe
Way beyond my widest imagination
I belong to you, and you to me,
Just making sure, this actually feels right

Getting closer, even in the worst moment.
This just feel so right…
I find your touch, your sweet embrace hard to resist.
Is it something I can fight?
Making me loose my sense of gravity?
I close my eyes trying to think twice,
I see I cannot control emotions inside.
Inspiring dreams to be fulfilled
Without hope, yet the vessels are filled
Could this be an overdose on love?

Like a rainbow floating in the sky
Swaying away without wings
You giggled out laughter when I feel blue
They said I am out of my freaking mind
It is an overdose on love

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on Aug. 29 2010 at 4:04 pm
apocalyptigirl BRONZE, Staunton, Virginia
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I apologize for being such a grammar freak, but... Line 2: *strokes Line 5: *wildest Line 8: *moments Line 9: *feels Line 20: *giggle (tense agreement)