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When Love is a Loner

February 15, 2010
By Olajide BRONZE, Lanham, Maryland
Olajide BRONZE, Lanham, Maryland
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Behind a frantic eternity

Beauty stared above his shadow

Through her delirious whisper

Skin-full aches, love has scream

Being fiddled, a bitter repulsive love

Closing doors to love so mild

Give me a chance, her soul said to him

But he declined obliviously…

Blinded by her make-believe hatred

Love has come not to bereaved nor beguiled

Her motivation assured long-suffering

Her mind husked with a telling obsession

But this wobbling love of his never knew its bearing

She never tells, he was not told...

Love never takes, but give

As the scent of a lonely love cascades through her

He bestowed an insentient betrayal

She bowed as her unknown lover fell in love with a stranger

She hope…her world has come to naught

Love is courage…

Winded world impounded delusions

Secluded agony of love has been bored

She search for solace

But this burthen is too wild to bear

Love never retreat, nor surrender

She shed tears enough to overflow the ocean

Soon, her cold iced tears turned to thorns

This pain eluding fire could not be bored

She shed her last prayer, confesses her love, and died

Love till eternity, love never dies

He heard these painful confessions she made

Again, agony of love has been bored…

The soul cried in regret and bled

When love is a loner, everything goes wrong

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