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A sad, lonely bird

February 14, 2010
By Skaii GOLD, ., Other
Skaii GOLD, ., Other
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A bird flies,
separate from the others,
how he got so behind.

A bird scavenges,
for food
wonders why they didn't save any for him.
Why they didn't save a
place for him.

A bird sits on his roost,
watches all the others fly away
to land and rest a ways from him.
He sings to the stars,
asking God why he is so hated.
He cries out,
and his sad, lonely song
It sways on the wind,
as it folds into the words.
Moves with the dust and sounds on
the shifting, uneven air
until it reaches the ears of a sad,
lonely girl.
She falls asleep with tears seeping,
sliding across the bridge of her nose,
to the sad, lonely song
of a sad, lonely bird.

The bird dies,
sad and lonely.
It's last song heard only by two:
The others,
who didn't care enough,
and the

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