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howl at the moon

February 13, 2010
By splatterpunk PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
splatterpunk PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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Gaze at the light
The light of the night
the accursed thing called the moon

Gaze upon its beauty
That wretched thing
that turns a man to a beast

Torture is the glance
In my midnight stance
In the full moons glory

The mere sight
makes me howl at night
Like the demons in Gods light

This is no fairy tale
but the rhyme of a curse
The curse of a man who is damned

Oh woe is he
who cries at the moon
For he hunts for the the flesh of man

For cursed is the moon
so gaze at its full moon glory
and feel blessed to not be damned
But praise God that you don't
howl at the moon

though I'm not alone
I dwell without love
but the moon the only comfort

The stars glisten
but the moon stays
In its horrid solid pale light

The curse is my torture
my hell in life but blessing in death
that soon my life will end
to remove me from the sickening light
The light which my body must answer

This is my curse with no cure
nothing but the cure of death
which is swift by the shot
the shot of a bullet
made not of lead but silver

So this is my finale words
my death is soon
for it is my final moon

So I gaze at its glory
and its confounding monstrosity
to feel its rays upon my body
to turn once more
form man to a beast

For it is a sin to kill a man
but not a beast
so where might it begin
but in the monstrosity
of our own humanity
that denies our own nature
to kill and hunt to survive

So I bid you and my world good bye
with the bullet to the heart
and a swift death
to a monster
that howls at the moon

For I gaze
at my final full moon
and all its pale glory
and bid you all adue

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was inspired to write a poem about the man of a monster in the movie The Wolfman. The movie was a amazing master piece. I apologize for any spelling errors or any thing in heare that you as a reader finds offensive. Please enjoy and tell me how you think of the piece by leaving a comment which is greatly apreciated.

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