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Reflections of the Dead or Soon to Be Dying

January 26, 2010
By pampalooga PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
pampalooga PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
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If I am meant to die tomorrow,
So be it.
If you can't come to my funeral,
So be it.
If it rains, and you get wet,
So be it.
If no one cries, if there are no red eyes,
So be it.

Because when I'm gone,
I'm gone.
One thing's sure as the sunrise,
I won't be looking back.
Say your goodbye now,
because when I'm dead
I won't need it.
I'll be gone.

If the food at the reception is horrible,
So be it.
If the day is sunny and confuses you,
So be it.
If your mother has no black to wear,
So be it.
If you get lonely,
So be it.

It is Death.
So be it.
Soon it will be your turn.
So be it.

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