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After the End

January 18, 2010
By fzakeri1205 SILVER, Toledo, Ohio
fzakeri1205 SILVER, Toledo, Ohio
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\"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.\" - e.e. cummings

For those who tremble in fear of
The almighty wonder our Mother keeps
Until each individual turn hath passed. Deem worthy
Her presence, for she holds the ultimate cure.
She speaks the unreachable to those
Who possess a willing ear, tenderly whispering her
Enchantments to spirits as they gracefully
Weave together. Listen faithfully for her harmonious words,
As she offers them rarely to the foolishly misguided.
Yet her compassion remains fervent
As man stumbles out of reality, losing consciousness
Of her being. Her soul strides among the many
Spirits in need, replacing disparaging energy
With a dose of her own form. She willingly inherits
That which haunts the soul unwaveringly,
Feeding off our very existence
As its own. Swiftly her handsome form
Floats, her radiance of the gods. She valiantly spares
Elements of her majestic force, meditating upon
Our rebirth, magnificent and pure. Praise her
Delicate existence, for ‘tis solely her remedy
Which relieves thee of all lost upon the
Makings of man. Thine own roots
Once stemmed from her nurturing soil. Her
Unrefined nutrients nursing thou to be
Of the countless spirits she offered up
Selflessly. Her waters swaying thee ‘til
Thine troubles evaporated, into her own
Air nonetheless. Thus is Nature’s pursuit when
The various tolls of human existence hath exceeded
Their hosts, calling upon her charming splendor
To salvage thine soul which she first released
From her growing body of energy. So she shall
Envelop thee, restoring thy spirit to be planted
Once more among her prosperous soil, her
Protective streams. Fortunate to rejoin the colors of her
Sky, which twirl and twist in ecstasy, intertwining with one another
Fluttering through sensation and sound. As for thine
Remains of physical suffering, she shall employ their
Lingering parts, giving fresh being to those spirits in need--
Which will one day embrace thine own energy once more.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by William Cullen Bryant's Thanatopsis, written as an assignment for AP language and composition. The title comes from a song written by my favorite artist, John Frusciante, and his latest solo album The Empyrean.

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