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January 10, 2010
By Audrea15 PLATINUM, Murphysboro, Illinois
Audrea15 PLATINUM, Murphysboro, Illinois
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Everybody wants happiness. Nobody wants pain. But you cant have a rainbow. Without a little rain.

Silent screams keep her awake as she yearns for daylight to break.Her nightmares tell her shes alone.The moans of the dead tell her she is falling.While falling she can hear daylight calling.Death is coming slowly but surely only to be stopped with light of tomorrow.Maybe someone will come and save her from her sorrow.She wishes she could fight this cold lonely night but light is another goal a goal you must seek on your own.The moans of the dark seem to strucked silent when she sees the lonely spark.That lonely spark is of dark.It is also a sign telling her there is a way.So here she lays trying to find her own comforting day.

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on Mar. 3 2011 at 10:00 am
Dragon_No_Love SILVER, Fridley, Minnesota
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i know what u meen i feel the same way.