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January 10, 2010
By xxthiskidxx BRONZE, Oakville, Other
xxthiskidxx BRONZE, Oakville, Other
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Never mourn a champion, honour them.
Don’t remember someone for the way they died or how they looked when they were sick. Remember them as you always saw them. Remember the good times, overlook the bad. Laugh about the funny times, regret the sad, but never remember death. It may be the end of a lifetime, but in truth, it’s only the beginning of a whole new journey. One where we must learn to overcome it. Don’t let it get you down, remember the good and let the memories fill your heart.

Never say sorry that someone died. Do not sorry for all the moments spent with them and always cherish these memories; hold them in your heart forever and never regret a single time. Remember those lost always, but remember them to their fullest, at their peak, not at the downfall, and never at the end. When you remember, remember the beginning, the moment that started it all, not that that ended it.
Love them with all of your being.
Let them live on inside you and take their memory into your heart and keep them close always.

So always remember.
But never mourn.
Don’t cry because it’s the end.
Cry because it’s a journey in which you cannot accompany them on.
Cry because they get a whole new beginning.
Cry because they are on to a better place.
Cry because they have been chosen to cross that bridge.
But don't cry because they are gone.

The author's comments:
I have often watched people cry their heart out over losing a loved one, or hearinf about a great champion who lost their life. I believe that when someone or something dies, they should be honoured not mourned. all those soldiers who died int eh wars and who keep dying for us and our country in order to strive for peace should not be mourned. their bravery and dedication to keeping this country and those in need safe need to be rememberedand honoured to the greatest of our ability. it is the least we can do for them, as they gave everything for us.

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