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Growth for those

December 22, 2009
By noelleism PLATINUM, Russellville, Alabama
noelleism PLATINUM, Russellville, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
I can not dwell on the past, and I will not live on what the future may hold, but yet take comfort and find perpose in the second yet to come.

The shell on the turtles back is his home, and his shelter.
the wings of the bird give him hight to fly.
The fins of the fish push him through his watery depth.

The acorn that falls to the earth is plain and pure, mixed with the substanance of decay to bring forth new life.

The leaves shall become dense,and the bark thick to cover up the tender soul.
The birds rely on its branches, and the squirl on its fruit.

Then it starts again. Life is but for a day.The soul is eternal.

Nothing else much matters but him.God wants to catch you and pull you to new hights. Gather you up into a new world a new place with only him to plant a seed inside of us, so we can grow as the oak. To lend rest to the bird and fruit for the squril.

The author's comments:
I was sitting in church, and God spoke these words and I wrote them down.

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