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A Break From all the Work

December 23, 2009
By potterlight PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
potterlight PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
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As I sit and write on the lines of the paper
I cannot help but see through the periphery of my vision
The joyous festivities of the other side
The beauty of the outdoors is calling to me
Such calls must be ignored
If I ever wish to reach that state of freedom
The window blinds must be closed
But I cannot find the will to do so
The outside world from where I am sitting
Is too adoring to be shut out
So I will keep the blinds up
And look at all the happy people
Who are playing and laughing in that space so foreign to me now
They have nothing to do
Or maybe all of their work is completed
Lucky people!
Maybe my work would have been finished as well
Had I not had fun so many times earlier
As I lollygag at the others
The wind blows
I can see it from the trees
And it spreads the leaves around
The children’s laughter grows louder
As the wind picks up
To soar like a bird not bound by duties
Is where I would like to be
But until then
I turn back to writing on the lines of the paper
My time to play will come eventually

The author's comments:
Something we can all relate to after a school day!

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