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November 25, 2009
By jOjOsfreakingCIRCUS GOLD, Brentwood, Tennessee
jOjOsfreakingCIRCUS GOLD, Brentwood, Tennessee
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As I lie hidden in the throne of grass beneath me,
inhaling the delicate perfume of Mother Nature and
becoming intoxicated by the mesmerizing beauty of the
vibrant masterpiece surrounding me,
I lift my gaze towards the enormity of the sky:
the divine canvas stretched across the heavens
splashed with a fountain of crystal blue,
the rippling river of translucence
untainted by the slightest discoloration or impurity.
As ribbons of dancing sunlight encircle me in a warm embrace,
an overflowing downpour of dazzling radiance floods me
with a blinding illumination,
painting my face with joyous tears of the sun
that do not scorch but drip only tenderness,
gentle reassurance.
Each luminous drop glides across my bare skin,
awakening a fire within the depths of my innermost being
that has long yearned for this magical,
almost spiritual connection with the rare beauty of
undisturbed natural creation;

the essence of uncompromised purity.
Once again I can detect the lively heartbeat of natural earth:
a faint but persistent rhythm that reminds me of
my fragility
my weakness
my helplessness
in comparison to the grandeur of this untouched splendor,
this thriving world that has reigned in unfathomable authority
long before each generation of human fascination
wonder and experimentation
and eventual
In awe of this rare oasis,
this treasured Eden that has remained preserved throughout time,
an ancient photograph frozen in its celestial perfection,
I feel myself departing from this world
confined by gravity and reason;
I glide instead into a realm of
exhilarating freedom…

A shrill car alarm wails in the distance,
piercing the perfect stillness
and rousing me with a slap in the face.

Without an apology,
the moment is shattered,
and once again
like many times before,
the strident reality of life resumes in a
brief, remorseless moment.

And without a second thought,
true beauty:
bestowed upon humanity by the Creator
to be glorified
and eternally retained,

is forgotten.

I step out once more into the bustling city,
swirling with grainy smoke
humming with glowing lights

And without a moment’s hesitation,
life resumes.

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