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November 25, 2009
By Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
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Hark ye’ poets
Hark ye’ bards
Whose love is confused
Confused with logic
Love whose logic is as wise as the sapling
Logic whose love is as wise as the grand sycamore

The crowd demands more!
When love is in score
The brilliant oration
Befuddled with emotional orientation
Troubled with logical frustration
Harden your soft hearts, rid the aberration

Yet when the wise words of logic speak
The crowd’s stomachs grew weak
The loss of education
Has proved the loss of fascination
The infatuation lost for loss of sweet words
So with this we concur

The words echoed throughout the hall
Are the words not true at all

The words shunned by mothers
Are the words that should be shared by others

We are at a loss for clarity
When we cling to the emotional charity

For when we are shunning wise elders
And ripping their advice apart
It is us who gains the vice of insincerity
And for that part there would be a price
That would surely suffice the cost of ignorance
So think twice


Hark ye’ philosophers
Hark ye’ grey beards
Whose love is for knowledge
And spreading it among peers
Grand wisdom and love for all who open of
To expand the minds and rejoice in the dove

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