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Random Rhyming Lines

November 30, 2009
By je_suis_jolie SILVER, Cedar City, Utah
je_suis_jolie SILVER, Cedar City, Utah
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This is a randomly rhyming poem.
I say to myself"Ill sure show em!"
Its mostly about me writing this thing
But im sure itll still havea lot of zing!
So, I shall start with sentences that do not relate.
And for dinner I hope that i will not be late.
Its kind of hard to get things rhyming,
But now that I think about it, id rather go miming.
The cat is sprawled out on the carpet with care.
In hopes that St. Nicholas will soon be there.
Even dear cat cannot stand the wait.
Im not certain of its gender, but I dont think it can mate.
Well, It seems that I must bring these words to a closing.
Cat needs a bath with a good old hosing.
I hope you enjoyed my poem of junk.
Thats it. Im done. Kerplunk.

The author's comments:
Random rhyming poem...thing I came up with. I was bored and decided to make unrelating lines rhyme.

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