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Outsider's Perspective

November 29, 2009
By je_suis_jolie SILVER, Cedar City, Utah
je_suis_jolie SILVER, Cedar City, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"No one dies a virgin, the world screws us all."-Hailey Lamoreaux

I lie on my belly, looking down to the ground
And see tons of people skittering around
All of them going from point A to point B
None of them are seeing those truly in need

I see a young girl with no one close by
I look at her closely; She’s beginning to cry
She looks like she hasn’t eaten in awhile
And has been walking for mile on mile

I see an old man sitting on the sidewalk
He’s wearing old clothes and only one sock
He’s hungry and lonely with no one around
He starts to get up, but someone pushes him down

As I lay on my belly, looking down at the world
I can’t even see ‘cause my vision’s all swirled
How can this world live with such pain
How can they live with such knowledge in their brain

I wipe my eyes and blow my nose
Then I stand on my tiptoes
I look at the world, I’m far above the clouds
And I see all of the happy crowds

I see a young lady wearing a gown
Laughing and singing, never wearing a frown
I see an old man, smiling so brightly,
Hugging a woman ever-so-tightly

I lay back again, I feel some fresh tears
They fall on those people who live in their fears
Before they hit, these tears of mine
I see something that is quite fine

An old woman grabbed this small child’s hand
Took her home and together they planned
Gave her a bath and some food
Helped her out and was not rude

A young lady bent and helped that old man
She gave him a ticket and some lunch meat ham
She said, “I’ll help you out of this mess.”
He smiled and replied, “You know? I have to thank you miss.”

That got me thinking and thinking a lot
It’s possible that kindness may happen more often than not
Those people, they can be kind and full of love
Then those tears of mine soared and turned into a dove

The author's comments:
Random poem I wrote during math class, tell me how it turned out.

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