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Your Life

November 20, 2009
By TheN3RDWAD GOLD, Von Ormy, Texas
TheN3RDWAD GOLD, Von Ormy, Texas
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Forget those who always said no,
Love the ones who would always know,
Never let go of your friends who pushed you through,
And make history and do whatever you want too.

Who are they to say you can't?
What are they but a couple of ants?
A hurdle in your life,
That you can surely overcome.

Friends are the ones who never gave up on you,
The ones who got up in the morning just for you,
The ones you called in the middle of the night,
Because you were afraid of the impending morning light.

History wasn't made by following the rules,
No one became famous by being used as tools,
We wouldn't be here if no one would fight,
So get up and scream, this is YOUR life.

Never back down and always stand up,
For everything, everyone, be the one,
Who got rights for all or became a friend for one,
This is your life,
So take it as it's given. Give up on none.

The author's comments:
Never EVER give up. No one would be here if people hadn't ever questioned anything. So make history, change a life for the better, make the world change, because every day is our day.

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