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Explosions in the Sky

November 20, 2009
By Hannah523 SILVER, Winterport, Maine
Hannah523 SILVER, Winterport, Maine
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The only moment we were alone
I could've sworn I fell in love.
Rushed back in to doors
murmuring regrettably under breath
that I was already taken.
And the look upon your face every time.
How I wish I could've remained silent
let myself be taken over
A shadow of my former self.
But it was how I remained
the only moment we were alone

When I could've sworn I fell in love with you,
the way you were
How I would've been before, and
how things would have gone
tossing, turning under sheets
late nights in back seats.
Take me by my hand and tell me
that the night was real.
Remind me it was not all a dream
but only if things would have ended the way I liked
and only if you were mine now.

I'd love to be with you,
I'd love you.
I could've sworn I loved you
the only moment we were alone.
But it was just a moment,
and then we rushed back inside.

The author's comments:
The title, "Explosions in the Sky" is because of the first line of my poem. The song, "The Only Moment We Were Alone" is by the band Explosions in the Sky. I give them credit for giving me inspiration for this poem.

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