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Wolves Vs. HUmans

November 18, 2009
By hikari115634 BRONZE, Lansing, Illinois
hikari115634 BRONZE, Lansing, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Bloom in th darkness, but never let go of the light"

The mighty wolf
So graceful
So strong
Bends to the winds
When they call
Every organism
Every micro being
Stops and listens to them
Their song
Fills the sky
Fills the night
Some say they hunt us
Others say
They protect us
They know our destiny
The grand design
What we do not know
They all ready see
They lead their pack
Their family
To safety
There is no greater being
Than the wolf
The spirit protects us
Moves with us
Always there
Always watching
Giving hints
Helping us to find
The right path
They are more then animals
More than human
More than anything
Any human
Could ever understand
They are spirits
They protect their lands
They fight for what they need to
Listen at night
Any human ear
Can hear
The mighty one’s songs
Humans sing to their young
Foolish human songs
The wolf sings their spiritual song
To every being
Not only one
Not only two
But all
They are not greedy
They do not care
About race
Fur color
Eye color
Only if the other
Threatens their pack
That is when the wolf
Attacks another
Humans can take a mighty lesson
From the wolves
Who guide
Every human
To the truth
The lies
The lesson
Is up to
The lone human
To figure out
The wolf is brother
To all they see
Humans are nothing
Nothing but enemies
They hate just because
They can
Wolves hate for
The wolf stays true to
Their one true mate
Humans don’t
They abuse
Move away from one another
A wolf stays
By their pack’s side
No matter what
What keeps a human
From doing the same
Is up to
That one lone human to
Decide on their own
Do humans fight
For the truth
Or for hatred
The wolf fights
For survival
Humans take a day
For granted
Living for nothing but
The past
And what happened long before
They were ever
Even born
Wolves take each day
As though
They would never have another
The lesson here
Let the humans decide
On that one alone

The author's comments:
this was inspired by our grand design by Balto 2 Wolf Quest. I am hoping tat people will sop and think abut the words...what they truely mean.

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