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My War

November 16, 2009
By Maximus SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
Maximus SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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I may be guilty of being an idealist, and a bad poet though that is far more painful, but I have never had the courage to believe in nothing.

I stand upon the hill
And gaze upon the world
Wrapped in memory I can’t kill
Watching the wind’s wings unfurled

Alone I exist, on the vast immortal plane
In stillness I find peace
As the world tears itself apart, bolting the lion’s mane
Realizing tomorrow is forever, and today was just a lease

Content is my heart,
As I pick up my blade
To wield against the storm
To unveil its deadly art

For I know now where I stand
To make my final challenge
Upon the rock and not the sand
That fooled my heart, whom now I will avenge

Love is never as it seems
A ghost in the night,
Or the solid embrace by day
But I have felt it in my dreams

I have seen it in your eyes
I have felt it in their arms
I know it is not lies
That set my spirit to rest, quieting all alarms

Must I wait till Heaven’s days
To feel secure in warm embrace
Left now to battle through life’s maze
Chasing, ever seeking, love’s fair face?

So I pick up my sword
To face boldly the world so dim
That crashes vainly against its lord
As waves upon the shore, pleasing only him

Mine Enemies I now see
And mine allies now are clear
And I will set this foe to flee
And taste of love, oh so dear

Alone I am Alexander the Great
With no one I am strong
Friendless I can duel with fate
With you…I am a child, and you’re my brother that carries me along

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