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November 16, 2009
By relaxingcry GOLD, Buffalo, New York
relaxingcry GOLD, Buffalo, New York
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i go hard forever thats just how im designed thats just how im built see the look in my eyes take all this from me and im still going to survive

i lay silently unmoving,
death swarms around me,
it brought me to my knees,
i fought so hard,

i never beg,
never will say please,
cause one day,
it'll be over,

dark and dead,
the pain drowns me,
fills my head,

all the things i needed to say,
are those which were never said,
i look up,
six feet of dirt lay crushing on my chest,

it;s so easy to forget in this never ending rest,
you were the best,
but i failed the test,
failed myself,

failed my friends,
i never follow through 'til the end,
but now it's over,
the only true end,

i tried to talk to you,
tried to mend,
i want to remain your friend,
stay with me,

never ever leave,
i am begging you please,
hold my hand,
grasp my heart,

you complete me,
you're every missing part,
without you i am completely alone,
i have no reason for this throne,

god will have an angry tone,
death will hide,
afraid to take sides,
because within you,

my love resides.

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nicole. BRONZE said...
on Dec. 11 2009 at 11:28 pm
nicole. BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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i really liked this, i hope you keep writing i enjoyed reading your poems.