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Vent to Words

November 12, 2009
By bagofskittles SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
bagofskittles SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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Is all I need
Not your words of pity
To let my soul come back to me
She died along with him

How do you expect me to feel?
Every time I try to stand
Something knocks me back down
Making me remember I don't deserve this

You sit in the comfort of your tranquility
And believe you understand?
Unless if you've shed my tears
You know nothing

You're not a knight in shining armor
Saving the damsel "in distress"
You're just a child
Who can't guide me back to light

This all could me my fault
Paradise isn't something I can hold
And how do I know what love is?
I just think it's a corpse

The author's comments:
It's mostly about how when I tried to tell my friend about a death of someone I love, he just didn't seem to understand.

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