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“Let’s just go for a ride.”

November 6, 2009
By GypsyJewel BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
GypsyJewel BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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"love and be loved"

You do not love me.
A romantic, I’m sure you truly want to believe that you do.
We stood beneath the Ferris wheel, how cliché.
It twirled like a glittering, mechanical American flag
While a thick winter wind blew past us.
It’s Arizona and we never get used to the cold months,
We only welcome them with weary smiles,
Certain that the sun will pop out at any moment,
That’s what I think you will say after your whispers of affection
So I let the words sit.
Love is a huge word
It is the biggest of them all.
You wait a moment as I play dumb.
I act as if I believe you’re joking
Though I know you are completely serious.
This only buys me a minute
As you assure me you are serious
Your eyes are like ice, so beautiful against
Your skin like glass,
I shatter your heart as I push away your hand.
A thin stream of water
Creeps into the light blue coloring of your eyes—so gorgeous
“Well…” he waits, rocking back and forth,
Hands in his pockets, wearing one of those
Trendy jackets he doesn’t like,
I bend down to stroke the ground, to buy more time
“Well…” he waits but with more intensity in his throat this time.
I wonder what my deep black eyes look like to him,
My long, brown fingertips reaching for his rosy chin
He, at any moment, threatening to release a tide.
Finally I point to the Farris wheel, “Let’s just go for a ride.”

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