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Blue Butterfly

October 22, 2009
By Sha-doki GOLD, Union, New Jersey
Sha-doki GOLD, Union, New Jersey
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Tentative butterfly, with the wings of an angel.
What are you to me?

You've never tried to hide yourself,
but if I get close, you flutter away.

As gentle as the breeze that carries you,
off towards the dazzaling sun.
Flying away, but not too far.
Allowing me to watch over you.

I guess I should be thankful,
but, you know,
I'm not.

Let me see your wings,
And together, we can take flight to the heavens.

The author's comments:
People are sometimes like butterflies. They seem so close but oh so far away. You reach and reach, but they evade your grasp. It's simple, we aren't meant to hold them, but to observe their beauty from nearby, making sure no harm comes to them.

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