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I Am Human

October 20, 2009
By sc0ttysk3latal BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
sc0ttysk3latal BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
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I think, therefore I am.
I am thrust into existence, and I crouch in my warm home.

I sleep, therefore I am.
I wait patiently, knowing that soon my adventure will begin.

I grow, therefore I am.
I get bigger every day, and I can see myself developing.

I love, therefore I am.
I recognize my mother's voice, and I bear affection for her.

I hear, therefore I am.
I listen to her muttering, cursing my existence and plotting my demise.

I cry, therefore I am.
I watch the hook intrude into my home, and for the first time, I am afraid.

I feel pain, therefore I am.
I scream, therefore I am.
I forgive, therefore I am.
I am executed, therefore I am not.

The author's comments:
I got the basic idea from Rene' Descartes' quote, "I think, therefore I am." I'm writing from the perspective of a baby in the womb who is aborted. If you didn't pick it up from the poem, I'm very Pro-Life.

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