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October 13, 2009
By TQxartsnhearts BRONZE, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
TQxartsnhearts BRONZE, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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She woke up, disoriented, to a strange new place
A reflection revealed blood trickling down her face
Confused, she took a deep breath to help her think clearer
When she noticed she was surrounded by walls made of mirror
She pressed her palms to the surfaces, looking for a door
Though other than her own pleas she heard no more
Tapping on the wall was useless for no one could hear
Her rational thinking slowly diminished to fear
Panicking, she worried no one would save her from within
But outside the show was about to begin

A crowd gathered thickly around the giant chamber of glass
Waiting for time and their victim's patience to pass
For outside they could clearly see her trapped in
But inside she was deaf to the excitement and din
They marveled at their own sick joke while the seconds ticked past
No one was sure how long the girl would even last
The people were delighted, their faces filled with glee
As they watched their favorite game: the loss of one's sanity

As a tear turned into a cry, a cry to a shout
She began pounding and pounding to find a way out
Outside, the crowd was electrified with energy and cheers
Inside, her own pulse resonated in her ears
Her thoughts turned to whispers that buzzed in her head
Staring back at her reflection she saw no girl but a monster instead

She pulled out her hair and scratched at the walls
While the crowd outdid her raucous with whooping and calls
The voices in her mind were loud but she couldn't defy it
Unable to ignore them she pleaded for quiet

Unable to stand it any longer she launched herself forward
Millions of fragments twinkled as the girl flew out, landing stiff as a board
With a shard through her heart she finally lay dead
But etched on her face was not a scream but a smile instead

For she got what she wanted all along
Quiet, the end of a perpetually haunting song

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