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This Is What It Seems

October 13, 2009
By ccxisleet GOLD, Big Lake, Minnesota
ccxisleet GOLD, Big Lake, Minnesota
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"To be one's self, is to be truly honest, truly loyal, and truly great."

Sky black and blue,
Torn from the light it seems,
Profound to provide warmth,
But yet sheds cold.

Earth’s filled with it’s brownish-reds, blues,
And greens… That have gone black and white…
Or so it seems to me, there is no color, no vibrance,
Just ignorance.

The sea so blue, so deep;
Sunken ships lay at it’s bitterness
In defeat; or so it seems to me…

It’s people have seem to gone corrupt,
Insensual, lost… That’s what it speaks to me;
I’ve come to believe I want to be blind;
Not notice these things, maybe be the sign of peace.
This seems to be a calling of mine; which breaks the dark black, blue, sky.
Or so it seems…

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by my heart and mind. It's about the beauty that comes in blindness...
Love is blind, eyes are our enemies.

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