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October 12, 2009
By amberlynn.zero PLATINUM, Pleasant Valley, Iowa
amberlynn.zero PLATINUM, Pleasant Valley, Iowa
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i admire darkness, its so pretty,
i wish i could be pretty like that...

I am haunted by
Under-eye shadows.

And it feels like I'm trapped in

I'm quickly sinking, and every move
I make swallows me down,
Far from safety.

My window distorts my vision.
As I look through the glass,

Treee branches curve in
Strange directions,
The sides of houses b e n d.

My skin tingles.

Tears slide down the
Oh, sorry,

It's just the rain.

I'm afraid I've lost

My name.
Because this spirit inside my skin
Can't be me.
My name does not fit with
Who I am now.

I slip downward.
The hard wooden floor
Captures my heartbeat within its fibers;
And I press my ear

But there is no strength behind
What I hear.
I am weak.

[I hold out my wavering hands
To feel the wasted breaths around me.

To feel the silent fingertips caress my palms.

To feel the love that should be there, but isn't.

To feel the source of my pain; feel my pain.]

Don't remind me of what I've lost.

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