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Speaking music... (finished version)

October 16, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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MY quote: "Without music, life would be absolutely pointless.... Music is my life and it always will be!"

Speaking music...

The heart beats,
against the wood and the brass,

...ready to play and speak.

The blinding lights shine,
from above.
They reflect the sparkle,
from the beautifully made,
music creators.

On the downbeat of one,
the faint whispers start,
but then




The heart soon is relaxed,

and comfortable.
For the incredible moment is

too real.

The smooth fingers

Gliding across the metal and
the small holes of darkness.

The warm air is slowly,
calmly edged through.
And then released into the surrounding air,
to create a powerful striking tone.

The music flows up and down,
in perfectly formed waves,
like the ocean on an
oh so calm day.

then loud.
The dynamics constantly change,
bringing emotion and fullness to the tone.
then loud.

The tone,
it glides off the walls,
brightening up the room
with the tone...

and the tune.

The whispers,
sometimes shouts,
take their turns,
playing the sweet melody.

Each voice alone sounds,

...oh so

But several voices together,
they WILL form song.

Each voice is important,
it plays a role,
and helps in every way.

The whispers here,

they speak...
To the whispers there.

The chanting calls receive majestic answers,

Not through words,

But through


...instruments can speak too...

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