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September 30, 2009
By AndreaJ BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
AndreaJ BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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I ascend into my dream.

Artists pain my sky golden pink

Together lonely in my abstracted world

From where I stand I begin to sink

I fall to the dew covered field

Tiny flowers whisper like prayers

I see them and they see men

Avoiding need of fleeting stares

I follow up to see leaves of orange

Fading slowly, drops like mirrors

Falling onto this imperfect clown

H e and I are two. Yet we are as one.

Tendrils like fetters winding binding

Keep together things that were and are

Some things lost were never mean finding

The wedge snatching away my reality

You again can you never seem

The life’s been devoured from you

As I descend out of my dream.

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