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October 5, 2009
By monicaA.=-P GOLD, Morris Plains, New Jersey
monicaA.=-P GOLD, Morris Plains, New Jersey
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You've trapped me in your wonderful presence,
oh, Perfectly Imperfect.
Now what did you do?
Nothing, really, but actually more than we both knew.
A stimulation of regular emotions? or an emotion all your own?
I'm taken by the way you smile.
It's devinely charming; deep dimples make me feel as though I'm
thrown so high into the air with all the clouds and the birds and the breeze up there.
I'm taken by the way your eyes, so rich and glowing brown, stare down at me as I talk upward at the face that doesnt frown.
How sweet it is to see that face that knows mine just as well. The text messages with all the smiley faces that hold me away from Hell. Or at least what seems to be that firey place, that'd be the bus so reeking with body odor; or a cousin's soccer game so ridden with screaming mothers. I know at least you'll text me soon and keep me safe from the others.
I'm taken by the way that when we're together, I'm a happier version of me.
You make me think I'd live past that day I'd never see.

And who are you, oh boy so great?
I swear I wouldn't tell, because then you just might hate me.



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