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In The Shadows Of The Night

October 5, 2009
By xxthiskidxx BRONZE, Oakville, Other
xxthiskidxx BRONZE, Oakville, Other
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What if,
we are not the only ones
who walk on this
godforsaken planet?

What if,
there were others
who only appeared when
they wanted to?

What if,
the barrier to the other world
is closer than we think?

Tonight, there was proof
that this barrier, this realm, this other side
is real
and is
much closer
and accesible
than we think.

there are the ones
who slither in shadows
delight in the darkness
and hunt in the moonlight

there are the ones
who whisper on the wind
sing in the sunlight
and rebel in the rain

this mix of natures forces
and the power of those
who have not quite left this world
is astounding

when the fog appears,
and the thunder rolls
and the rain falls

when the horses run
and the cows cry
and dusk weighs heavy on our shoulders

when the light plays tricks
and the shadows kiss
and the stillness becomes the riot

when the silence shakes
and fears quake
and to flee is the only option

the gateway to the next world
is close
and who knows what we may see

but only those
who dare to look
who dare to inquire
who dare to dream
will see them

as the stories fortell
and the myths prove true
we shall see what this night shall bring

the spirits are restless
and tensions are high
the dead feed on the fury

as anger spikes
the devils rejoice
and dance in triumphant fire

as passion surrenders
and love proves strong
the quiet are draw to its comfort

in the dark of the night
in the shadows of the night
the dead of the night come alive

The author's comments:
I wrote this after a spooky encounter at my barn, it was like it was just begging to be written

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