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Blue Eyes (:

October 2, 2009
By alexisjo SILVER, Roanoke, Texas
alexisjo SILVER, Roanoke, Texas
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Sitting next to you under that big oak tree.
Don’t you know your perfect for me?
I look closely at your big blue eyes,
I watch them shimmer,
I watch them glow in the sunlight.
Oh blue eyes.

The bell is ringing now.
I step out of the shoving and talking,
to find you with her.
She doesn’t get you like I do.
Oh blue eyes.

Were walking home together now.
We’ve always been best friends.
We’ve always been so close
I’ve always loved you.
Until you say,
I think I’ve found the one.
Oh blue eyes.

I wish you saw me the way you see her
she doesn’t even notice how you stop and watch her walk away.
And thats when I say,
I think I know too.
And thats when he says
Its you.
Oh blue eyes.

The author's comments:
This one was more, Just for fun (: It's kind of based on some one I likke :D

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