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I Loved You

October 1, 2009
By WritiersDream BRONZE, Brampton, Other
WritiersDream BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm Like A Drug; Easy To Get Addicted To, And Hard To Give Up"

Slowly time passes me by
Leaving me to my thoughts
And all the damn memories
Of my so called living life

I've become so expert
At hiding how I really feel
But now, my mind is numb
My emotions gone, like me

I never thought this'd happen
Again, relapsing, repeat
All because to you I'm nothing
Just a disruption in your life

Trying my best I always do
Tho it never goes as planned
To you, I'm becoming invisible
Why do we even try?

Like a robot, I walk, talk
And attempt to move on
But really, I'm dying away
Slowly but soon I'll say bye

Leaving life behind? Hmm
Not a bad temptation
I'd become a happy angel
Watching all I"ve left behind

Day by day, night by night
The pain becomes to much to bare
With each hateful glare from you
Underground my mood falls

Oo-what's that I see?
Calling my name, pulling me
Grabbing ahold of me tightly
And positioning it over my heart

Breathe, close my eyes now
Everything will be alright, OK?
This, my key to eternal happiness
And living a carefree life

Plunge, deep into my heart
Tearing, but already pain free
Stopping my breath, closing my eyes
I fall into a sea of relief

Enveloped by the darkest waves
Of warmth, love and satisfaction
Light as a feather, free as wind
My sould begins to cross over

I'm sorry I ever let you down
Now I'm in a happier place
I'll watch over you from my home
I loved you, and I will again...

In time

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a way to get my anger out at my dad, and it turned into a really heartfelt poem that descrubes how I feel sometimes and what I'd like to do. I'd never actually do it..but sometimes it feels like the best thing to do. That is how this poem was created

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