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That one summer

October 1, 2009
By alexisjo SILVER, Roanoke, Texas
alexisjo SILVER, Roanoke, Texas
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fearless doesn't mean you're unafraid, it means you're terrified, but you jump anyway. <3

She is willing to listen to me, willing to help me become what I want to be, willing to help me through that bad break up, willing to show me that everything will be okay. She is a true miracle of mine. So why can't I help her now?

Its summer now. The sun is hot and scorching. The water is cool and refreshing. Although my tears make it worse, I can't seem to stop crying.

Her hair is all gone now. Her hopes and dreams are flying by quickly. There isn't anything I can do but love her, hope that everything will be okay, and pray.

She is almost gone now, my tears are streaming down my cheeks, I grab her hands and whisper...

"I'm sorry there was nothing I could do, I won't ever forget you, the days we've spent together make me happy when I think them over, you are the light of our endless friendship..."

I put her hand on my heart

"You will always be right here." And then she says so soft I can barely hear, "I'll save a house in heaven for you , we will be next door neighbors."

And then she was gone.

The author's comments:
Before I wrote this I was thinking of how hard ot would be to lose someone to cancer. I thought about how that would affect their whole life.

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