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September 10, 2009
By PLATINUM, Pleasant Valley, Iowa PLATINUM, Pleasant Valley, Iowa
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You should of told me of this ending when I first met you
So I could have at least braced myself for the downfall
Of this, of what I waited and gave patience to for so long
You could have told me these ending terms during the assumption

You could of said that I would cry until there was no tomorrow
That when you left there would be a whole in my heart as big as the Grand Canyon
And how I wonder why this is a mistake to me, and why do I question your leaving?
When I knew that you leaving was a time reminder to what shouldnt be

I know I could never forget you, but I could vomit as I picture me doing so
Blurring is a problem when you can’t wipe your eyes clean as your too busy being numb
Numb with pain and temperary anger release
There is no doubt in the fact that I’ll be on my own again

Where are my friends now?
Is it they’ve all flooded the streets after being released from my kitchen like cats?
I know that I could lay fish and kibbles out, leave it out all night long
But all that will come up are the false look a likes that will take advantage of my lack

My lack of impatience, anger, and my self security
They will lick the bowl clean, and then they will all together agree to devour me whole
And throughout the process all I will be asking myself
Is why I am so far down to rock bottom at the point to where I can feel the rough underlay?

What am I supposed to do with all these memories that I’ve made with you?
Throw them in the storage containers I see advertised as I go across the highway
They won’t have enough to fit them in there so is there much of a point in trying?
Should I just keep them inside this holey heart with me?

Because if that’s the case the hole is bigger than the memories we’ve had
And memories without each other simply creates a fast spreading disease
Of hatred, anger, spite, depression, hopelessness that could flare up any second it chooses
It spreads quickly to the brain and with a miracle, maybe one day it suceeds to end the suffering

But I can’t just throw the memories in a river
Because I would never see them again and that’s not the type of seclusion I need
I need to reach them when I want, but not in my grasp constantly
Cause if I thought it was bad now, the consistency would evolve into a tragedy

I think ill just leave the memories where they lie
Not in order of alphabet but in order of where they were first made
I need to get over him
Cause if I stay in this state of mind much longer I will be haunted from my sleep, to my grave

When I leave. you will be so long gone
But I will still say goodbye my friend
It may not be a farewell but in a way it is
Because I will have had parted ways with so many memories, and parted ways with you, again

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