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Extinguish and Reignite

September 21, 2009
By Suzie17 GOLD, West Monroe, Louisiana
Suzie17 GOLD, West Monroe, Louisiana
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I loved you once long ago
I held you in my heart as sacred
Now I'm finally happy
I don't think I need you like I thought I did

I didn't want to let go
But I felt it inside
The fire I once held
In my heart for you died

You gave my mind wings
Thinking thoughts so wild and free
Thinking I believed in love
And you and I could be

But then I met another
Bold and different like you
And he treated me like no other
Something you never had the chance to do

So don't tell me that you love me
Just to try to get me back
Because I love but do not want you
I wish you more than that

Long ago you were mine
Held you close as sacred
In my heart set aside
Until I tried to fake it
As though my love had died

I know I'll always think of you
You're always on my mind
But I can't stay there
Time's moving on and leaving me behind

Promise you'll remember me
When you return to that place
And if you love another
Do not forget my face

I beg of your forgiveness
For I destroyed my heart
And you were caught up in it
Now we are apart

How I long to go back
To see you once again
But it's been much too long
I hear through the echoing din

So will you be forgetful
When you marry someone else
Or think inside it should be me
Make sure your face doesn't tell

I loved you once long ago
The fire remains inside
I stoke it with the memories
Lest they all should die

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